Required text-book: The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets. Frederic      S. Mishkin.
Recommended text-book: 1) Uluslararası Kuruluşlar. Rıdvan Karluk. 2) Financial Institutions, Markets and Money. David S. KIdwell, Richard L. Peterson, David W. Blackwell. 3) International Economics, Dominick Salvatore
Grading Policy
Class Participation  : 5%
Mid-term               : 45%
Final Exam             : 55%
The share of the multiple-choice questions in each exam will be about 50 %. The rest of the questions will be essay-type. The mid-term will be around the middle of the semester. The exact time, date and place of the exams will be announced in advance.
Course Outline
Multiple Deposit Creation and Money Supply Process-Chapter 15
Determinants of Money Supply-Chapter 16
Tools of Monetary Policy-Chapter 17
International Financial System-Chapter 20
World Trade Organization (WTO), IMF, World Bank (from R. Karluk)-Sections 6, 8 and 9
International Monetary System (from D. Salvatore)-Chapter 21
Foreign Exchange Market-Chapter 19